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Fish and Play Combo - Semi Custom Bar and Fillet Table

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Fish and Play Combo - Semi Custom Bar and Fillet Table

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Now available with each Docktail® Bar model we sell is the Docktail® Bar Fillet / Serving Station! Simply screw your Rod Holder Mount into the Fillet / Serving Station base and adjust to level. The stable surface allows you to be able to fillet fish or use it for serving food and drink dockside or while cruising. When you are ready to convert back to a beverage station simply place the Docktail® Bar top on the fillet / serving station and lock it into place with the 3 swivel pins that pivot and lock the bar down securely. The fillet / serving station comes with storage for your pliers, knife and two accessory slots up front where you can hang a hand towel, bottle opener, trash bag or any matter of trolling rigs and hooks to be used on a fishing trip.

About the Bar: The Docktail® Semi Custom Bar is designed for boaters who want the advantage of easy, spill free service of the Docktail® Bar without the additional cost of features he may not need or want. This bar comes with two bottle slots that can utilize all our customizing inserts as well as two pre cut 1 Liter bottle slots that hold 1 Liter bottles or smaller and two pre cut 2 Liter bottle slots that hold 2 Liter bottles or smaller. Also pre cut are three center cut slots that can hold 12 oz bottles or cans as well as small plastic cups (Solo Cup Jr’s fit perfectly) that act as receptacles for garnishes, napkins, straws and the like.

In practical terms, if you like to serve more than 1 handle at a time, plus mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and generally like the ability to accommodate larger bottles and have more flexibility in bar configuration then we recommend choosing the Fully Custom top for the bar portion. However, choose the Semi Custom top if you like to serve up to one handle and one or two different mixers, beer and wine. The biggest difference in the two tops is that you can accommodate larger bottle and get a better custom fit with the Fully Custom bar. Whereas, the Semi Custom Bar is a better option for those who generally serve smaller bottles or who do not want or need the flexibility the Fully Custom Bar bottle inserts provide.