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Below you will find the answers to some frequently asked questions.  If you don’t see your question answered below just send us an email and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.
  • Will the Docktail™ Bar hold every bottle size? What are the dimensions of the bar top and fillet / serving station?

    Both the Semi and Fully Custom Bar tops, without any mounts attached, measure spproximately 19 1/4" L x 14 3/4 W x 4" H.  The Fillet / Serving Station measures slightly larger at approximately 19 3/4" L x 15" W x 2 1/2" H.  And while we have made every effort to cover all the most popular bottle sizes, there will be some that just won’t fit.  If you have a question about which insert to buy or if a bottle will fit, here are the approximate interior diameters of our inserts and bar top slots.

    Largest Bar Top Slot – 5.155”
    2 Liter Insert/Slot – 4.468”
    1 Liter Insert/Slot – 3.563”
    .75 Liter Insert/Slot – 3.188"

  • What kind of hardware is need for my Docktail™ Bar mount?

    In all cases, you will need ¾ inch ¼ 20 stainless steel flat head screws.  How many depends on the type of mount.  For the Magma "Single" Horizontal Round Rail Mount, you will also need ¾ inch stainless steel Nylock bolts to couple with the screws.  If you have any questions about mounting your bar, please let us know by email.

  • How long will it take to install my Docktail™ Bar?

    Your Docktail™ Bar is easily mounted in a matter of minutes using just a Phillips head screw driver in most cases.  Select the best mount placement based on the predrilled mounting holes on the bottom of the bar and type of mount you are using.  If you are mounting the Magma "Single" Horizontal Round Rail Mount, you will also need pliers or channel locks to tighten the bolts.  If you have further questions, please let us know via email.

  • Are all Docktail™ Bars fully compatible with the inserts you sell?

    The Docktail™ Semi Custom Bar has 1 slot that is fully compatible with all the inserts we sell and comes with a cutting board insert that fits the 2 Liter slot.  The Docktail™ Fully Custom Bar comes with 5 slots that are fully customizable with all our inserts and is the most versatile in accepting a wide variety of bottles.

  • What Mounts are compatible with the Docktail™ Bar line?

    Please click the “Buy Now” tab in the main navigation bar, then click the “Buy Accessories” tab to order mounts and bar inserts we stock online, or you can visit your local marine retailer to buy the following compatible mounts from Magma® products and Seasucker®.

    Docktail™ Bars are compatible with the following Magma®, V-Lock and Seasucker® Mounts and recommended mounting hardware:

    Magma® "LeveLock"™ All-Angle Adjustable Fish Rod Holder Mount
    Hardware Needed - 4 ¾ inch ¼ 20 Flathead Stainless Steel Screws

    Magma® "Pow'rGrip™/LeveLock"™ Double Locking All-Angle Adjustable Rod Holder Mount
    Hardware Needed - 4 ¾ inch ¼ 20 Flathead Stainless Steel Screws

    V-Lock Mounting System - Call V-Lock direct for options and hardware requirements.

    Magma® "Single" "LeveLock"™ Flush Deck Socket Mount
    Hardware Needed –  4 ¾ inch ¼ 20 Flathead Stainless Steel Screws plus deck hardware

    Magma® "Single" "LeveLock"™ Surface Deck Socket Mount
    Hardware Needed –  4 ¾ inch ¼ 20 Flathead Stainless Steel Screws plus deck hardware
    Seasucker® 4 ½” and 6“ Suction Cup Mounts – Recommend 2 for this Application –
    Hardware Needed – 1 ¾ inch ¼ 20 Flathead Stainless Steel Screw per suction cup

  • I see you are compatible with 6 mounts but there are only 3 listed for purchase online; why?

    We only stock a few of the most popular mounts people commonly use with our bars.  If you want a mount not available online, you can check with your local marine retailer to see if they carry one of the mounts you need or call or check online with Magma® products or SeaSucker® to order direct from them.

  • How do I buy a Docktail™ Bar?

    Currently Docktail™ Bars are being sold directly through this website and select retailers.  Click on the “Buy Now” button in the main navigation bar above, then click the “Buy Bars” tab, and you and your guests can enjoy your cocktails on your own Docktail™ Bar. Or, click on the “Retail Locations” tab in the main navigation bar to see if there is a retailer near you.

  • How durable is the Docktail™ Bar?

    The Docktail™ Bar is made of  King StarBoard®.   King StarBoard® is the original marine-grade polymer and the industry standard. King StarBoard® material is made with FDA and USDA approved raw materials and also has U.V. protection for outdoor use.  King StarBoard is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest marine conditions. It will not rot or discolor like teak and other solid woods, and it will not delaminate like wood laminates.

  • How do I clean my Docktail™ Bar.  

    Your Docktail™ Bar is not only simple to clean; it can be cleaned in a variety of ways depending on your preference.  King StarBoard® is made to maintain its color and finish for the lifetime of the boat. Only routine cleaning or pressure washing with common detergents is required.  Nylon scrub pads and brushes should be used with care because excessive force can mar the finish. For resistant stains, apply bleach and allow it to soak in.  Use citrus cleaner, alcohol or mineral spirits to remove grease or oil stains. Automotive silicone spray products or household furniture polish can help to hide scratches in the surface.

  • Will prolonged exposure to the sun damage my Docktail™ Bar?

    No. King StarBoard® is environmentally stabilized to withstand the harshest marine conditions and includes U.V. protection. It will not rot or discolor like teak and other solid woods, and it will not delaminate like wood laminates.

  • How do I get a new part if I lose one?

    Please call us or send an email, and let us know what you need.  Sometimes it will be best for you to order parts from us.  Click the “Buy Now” tab followed by “Buy Accessories”, or you may be better off buying replacement parts from your local marine retailer.  We will look at each situation on a case by case basis.

  • Where can I buy Docktail™ Bar mounts?

    The mounts needed will be available for purchase when you order a Docktail™ Bar online.  If you require a mount that we do not stock, you can buy it from your local marine supplier or direct from the manufacturer. We are compatible with several mounts from Magma® Products and Seasucker®. See FAQ #5 for details.

  • Can the Bar be mounted on all kinds of boats?

    One of the most important features of all Docktail™ Bars is flexibility.  Because it has several different mounting options, it can be mounted on most boats by choosing one of the 6 mounts we are compatible with. If you have any specific questions, please contact us via email or phone in the “Contact Us” section of our website.