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The “Docktail™ Bar” is a new portable, multifunctional, dry bar and beverage mixing station for boats.

Take your dock party or boat outing to the next level with the portable, versatile, Docktail Bar. The Docktail Bar features an innovative design that allows you to bring all your favorite drinks with you on your boat and effortlessly start mixing up your party. The mounted boat bottle holder puts everything in its place while you are boating, fishing or swimming, and keeps it there until you are ready to mix up your drinks.

Bring along your personal boat dry bar and stop nasty spills and broken bottles from ruining your trip. The Docktail Bar makes serving drinks on your boat easy and more efficient with customizable bottle inserts that keep your cups, bottles, mixers and ice secure. With two Docktail Bar designs and a variety of compatible mounts and inserts, you can make the perfect dry bar for every excursion.

Start enjoying your relaxing trips on the water to the fullest. Take a look at the two versatile designs and order your Docktail Bar for yourself or a friend.

Get Hooked Up with the “Docktail™ Bar” today!