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    Boats with Rod Holders

    All products in this curated collection include an adjustable rod holder mount.  Whether you have a center console, sport fishing yacht, deck boat, bow rider or cruiser; If your boat has a rod holder this is where you want to make your selection. We have taken care of the mount all you have to do is simply choose the table top that best suits your needs.

    Pro Tips:

    • The rod holder mount will adjust to fit any angle rod holder you have.  You will be able to level your bar or table top with ease no matter the angle of your rod holder.
    • If you don't have a rod holder on your boat they are easily installed.  Just buy a quality stainless steel rod holder from your local marine supply store or order online and installation takes about 20 mins.  Please call us with questions on the "how to".  We are happy to walk you through the process.  You can find videos on YouTube as well showing how its done.
    • Rod Holder mount folds flat to the bottom of the bar so it easily stores in a hatch or under the console.
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