Universal Grill Table Extension

Problem: There isn't enough prep area with most stand alone grill tables.

Solution: Create a universal table extension made of aluminum that can be attached to your grill to double or triple your prep area. The picture shows our utility table just as a prototype look. A final version will vary in layout and be constructed with nonflammable material like aluminum or stainless. Hardware and a drill bit made to tap metal will be included for easy installation.

A Monthly Rental Plan with and Option to Buy or Return Your Table

Would you subscribe to a monthly service where you rent and pick a Docktail Bar table of your choice and use it for a monthly fee? This is as an alternative to buying one right away. Its both a lower price point entry to our products and a kind of try before you buy program. Subscribers would be able to change table models during your subscription and if you decided you really liked one in particular, you can use the money you paid into your subscription time as credit to buy the table you have, or a new model. Something like $29.97 - $49.97 per month depending on the table you want and duration of rental. 1 month, 3, 6, 12? We don't have the details worked out but wanted to see if this would be an option that may interest you. This product as a service model has been successfully used for furniture and bike companies in other parts of the world.

Durable Boat, Beach, and Pool Tote

We made a prototype of the waterproof tote bag pictured. Its constructed of heavy duty Tarpoulin material, easy to clean and has triple the storage and organization pockets of other leading brands. Amber Fill worked a lot on developing this one with me as she is super organized and has great intuitive knowledge of what's needed for storage. If you are someone who doesn't like pockets they push flat to the sides so you can still use it as a large open bag. But when you do want to find items easily that often get lost in the bottom of these tote bags, we have your storage pockets ready!

"No Sweat" Cooler Tote With Storage

One thing we always bring on our boat, or any boat for that matter (Besides a Docktail Bar table of course), is a cooler bag and tote bag. We covered the tote bag above, and here is the cooler version. Durable and lightweight, we added a larger interior pocket, 2 exterior pockets on the front and back sides. One is zippered, on the back, and one open on the front to easily slide in keys and a phone or other accessories you need easy access to. Then we added two cup holder or general storage pockets on the left and right sides of the bag. But the biggest difference is that we doubled the insulation on the bottom the cooler bag so it won't sweat or at least sweat a lot less during the summer months when this rides in your trunk or car. Nobody likes soggy carpet or wet floor.