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    Bowriders, Cruisers & Deck Boats

    The most common ways people use our tables on Bowriders and Deck Boats are as follows:

    1. Rod Holders - If your boat has a fishing rod holder or two, select the table you want with the rod holder mount.
    2. Pedestal Table Replacement Top - If your boat has a pedestal table you can replace your table top with a Docktail® Bar table. We recommend either the Butler or Utility Table models. Add a SeaDeck kit to achieve a high end look!
    3. If you do not have rod holders, or a pedestal table location is not a good choice for you, then you can install a rod holder where you want to use one of our tables.  This installation of the rod holder is easy and then you can use the rod holder mount for your Docktail® Bar table.
    4. Lastly, if you have a smooth countertop, wet bar top, or table top, you can select one of our tables that uses the SeaSucker suction mounts.
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