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    SeaDeck Conversion Kits

    Do you want to dress up your new or existing Docktail® Bar? Then one of our SeaDeck kits may be right for you!  We offer a stock teak look as well as custom colors are available on special order.  Just call or email us to discuss your custom color needs.

    Pro Tips:

    • All kits are add on items and will need to be applied by the customer.  They are peel and stick and come with easy to follow instructions.  They do not come on the table tops already installed.
    • Kits can be added to new or existing Docktail® Bar models listed below.
    • Custom colors and logo options are available on a case by case basis.  Please contact us for your project needs by phone at 954-900-5743 or email steve@docktailbar.com
    $489.99 $389.94
    $619.98 $497.97
    $579.96 $479.97
    $199.99 $169.97
    $219.99 $179.97
    $199.99 $169.97
    $219.99 $179.97
    $199.99 $169.97
    $199.99 $169.97
    $219.99 $179.97