Features and Benefits | Marine Cup Holders and Mixing Station | Docktail Bar

Here are some of the features and benefits you will enjoy with your Docktail® Bar

  • Takes the hassle out of serving drinks on your boat by presenting your bottles, cups, cans, and mixers in a clean organized way; greatly reduces spillage, slippage, and mess.
  • 2 models to choose from including Docktail® Semi Custom Bar – Docktail® Fully Custom Bar - you can customize your bar to fit your style and budget.
  • Pick from a variety of mounting options for your boat, including rod holders, rail mounts, and suction cups.
  • Select from 4 different bottle sizing inserts for bar customization. The bottle inserts accommodate most bottles and cans from 1.75 Liter handles down to 8.4 oz. energy drinks.
  • Add a cutting board insert for dicing lemons, limes and other garnishes.
  • Standard in each model is 2 knife holders on the bar top and 2 accessory slots in the bar bottom.
  • Durable, easy to clean, and sized for easy and efficient storage.
  • Constructed with weather resistant StarBoard® and fastened with stainless steel hardware for long life in harsh elements.
  • Standard on each bar top are three (3) center cut slots that can hold 12 oz bottles or cans as well as small plastic cups (Solo Cup Jr’s fit perfectly) that act as receptacles for garnishes, napkins, straws and the like while each bar bottom features two more accessory slots to hang bottle openers, clip a hand towel, or whatever else will enhance your Docktail® hour.

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