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    Best Choice for Dining and Grill Prep

    The Docktail® Table is your best choice for those who want a large flat serving area for food and plates with bonus storage for 2 cups or tumblers, knives, a bottle opener, hand towel, condiments, seasonings, and just about anything else that makes life easier when eating or snacking on a moving boat.

    The Docktail® Table is compatible with the following mount options:
    • Magma Adjustable All Angle Rod Holder Mount
    • Pontoon Rail Mount
    • Pedestal Table Replacement Adaptor
    Pro Tip - Add one of our SeaDeck foam kits to make your table visually pop and for a more finished look.
    $379.97 $329.97
    $379.97 $329.97
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    $199.99 $169.97
    $579.96 $479.97
    $22.99 $17.97