Marine Decking Accessory Kit for the Docktail Utility Table - Does NOT Include Table or Mount


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These Marine Decking Kits are DIY and take about 15 mins to install. Add to your existing Docktail Utility Table Model for a fresh look or add on to make your new purchase really pop! 

Docktail Utility Table Foam Overlay Instructions

  • Start by unscrewing the top of your Docktail Utility Table (part that covers the cup holder and storage box area, to give access to install the bottom overlay pads first.
  • Before removing the sticky backing lay down your overlay parts to make sure you have the edges and holes lined up properly. Pay special attention to make sure the wood grains line up with each compartment. All should be vertical for the best look.
  • Push Out and remove any cut outs that are blocking bottle slots and cut outs you will be using. This includes the holes covering the screw holes where you will be attaching your mount.
  • Peel off backing on only the overlay you will be working with one at a time and install one at a time. Line up edges and holes. Lay down lightly on the lower level very carefully.  Do not press down unless things are lined up properly.  The glues is very sticky and hard to remove if overlay is not lined up properly.  It can be done. It’s just hard.  If the edges line up properly. Press down working from the center outwards to make sure there are no wrinkles or bubbles.
  • After the bottom overlay has been installed. Go ahead and attach the top to the bottom again.
  • Next, lay out the top overlay and press out the cut outs. Line up edges, peel the back off, and stick to the top.
  • Lastly do the front Logo area.

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