Docktail Bar Yeti Tundra Cooler Mount and Table System


Watch Our Docktail Bar Tables In Action

Get more use out of your favorite Yeti Tundra cooler by adding a Docktail Bar Table or two!

Our new patent pending cooler mount and table system is compatible with Yeti Tundra Series Hard sided coolers only currently (more brands in the way). Works on left or right side of the each cooler, our patent pending cooler mount and table system allows you to set up a tailgate party, Beach picnic, birthday party and more around your Yeti Tundra Cooler. Anywhere you want to eat and drink and entertain in style, Docktail Bar has you covered!

You can add custom names and choose SeaDek to add color and fun to your cooler table.  Those items are in our SeaDek kit section.

The Cooler Mount is made of an aluminum top and 3/4" Starboard gusset. Comes with mounting hardware.

If you are planning on using the table on a Yeti 35, 45, or 55 Tundra Cooler then you will have to watch balance if you get only one table.  We recommend you maintain a good amount of weight in the cooler.  If the cooler is empty and table is attached the cooler will tip over.  For the smaller coolers life is easier if you get one table for each side now matter which table.  They balance out better.  The larger Yetis ( 65 and above) are heavy enough on their own and balance well with one table.


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