Docktail Bait Cutting Board and Serving Table with Magma Adjustable Rod Holder Mount


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Docktail Bait / Serving Station Rod Holder Combo with Rod Holder Mount Package includes:

(1) Docktail® Fillet / Serving Station
(1) Magma Adjustable Rod Holder Mount
and all mounting hardware.

Attach your Magma Rod Holder mount to the Fillet / Serving Station base and adjust to the level. The stable surface allows you to be able to fillet fish, cut bait, or use it for serving food and drink dockside or while cruising. The fillet/serving station comes with storage for your pliers, knife and two accessory slots up front where you can hang a hand towel, bottle opener, trash bag or any matter of trolling rigs and hooks to be used on a fishing trip. Each fillet/serving station is made using Starboard and fastened with stainless steel hardware. The dimensions of the Fillet / Serving table with no mounts attached are approximately: 19 3/4" L x 15" W x 2 1/2" H

Note: If you already have a mount and bar and just want to buy the fillet/serving station table top only with no mount, please do so on the accessories page of this website.

For boaters who want to use the table as a serving station only, and want to have use of a Docktail Bar at the same time you will need to buy another mount (and Docktail® Bar if you don’t have one already) for your fillet / serving station top so they can be used at the same time. 


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