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Bottle Sizing Inserts

The Docktail® Bar offers mix and match bottle sizing inserts that will accommodate most bottles from 1.75 Liter handles down to 8.4 oz. energy drinks and a cutting board insert for dicing garnishes.  Together these inserts allow for complete bar customization to your taste and needs.   Each insert easily snaps in and out with a little push.  Just pick the insert you need, the slot you want to modify and snap.  Customize your bar your way!

Here is a picture sequence of a handle (1.75 Liter) sized bottle slot being modified to fit a 1 Liter insert that will now securely hold a red plastic cup.  All inserts are used in the same manner. Simply snap in and pop out each insert for on the fly changes in your bar’s configuration.


Center Bottle Slots

What  are they for?  In short, a little bit of everything! Whether 12 oz. bottles or cans, sodas or beers, garnishes or straws and even napkins and bottle openers.  If you need it on your bar, it has a place in the center slots.  Solo® Cup Jr’s and similar sized cups make excellent inserts.


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